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Formerly known as ALDES, LibSTEMM aims to bridge the gap between scientists and politicians; putting evidence based policies at the heart of our party.

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  • Energy Transition

    The energy and utilities industries are merging. The global energy transition is shaping new industries and influencing all others. To find their place in the new world, energy and utilities firms (and all those affected) must collaborate and align their strategies to this global context. The energy transition dominated the conversations in our recent energy…

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  • The Facts about Sea Level Rise

    We all know about climate change, don’t we? But maybe we are all a bit vague on the economic consequences, and unfortunately, despite being labelled the biggest threat to society and the planet, it just never quite gets urgent enough for many of us to worry about. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that…

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  • The Future of Renewable Energy for the UK

    We have an energy crisis in the UK. Gas prices have recently shot up 5-fold, bringing this sharply into focus, but the problem has been around for some years, notably identified in 2006 in the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change. Our old nuclear plants are coming to the end of their lives,…

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